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SamSCO Tuition Centre Kaduna
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SamSCO Tuition Centre
Academy School

Latest News

Admission is currently going on into Nursery, Primary, JSS1 - JSS3 and SSS Secondary class plus Intensive Revision courses for Academic Session.

Call our tuition centre academy school mobile hotline:+234 (0) 80 3431 7024
for more information.

We are now taking names for Nursery/Primary and Secondary school. School lessons will start from the beginning of AUTUMN TERM September to December.

Call us now to reserve your place! Note that school resumption date in Nigeria Kaduna is Monday 22nd September 2015

SamSCO Tuition Centre or SamSCO Academy under the supervision of Miss Oluchi Unegbe, proudly helping students achieve their highest potential for over 9 years.

"As a student I was always encouraged to do my best and fulfil my potential without added pressure. The tuition centre is helping me to achieve these milestones.

Thanks to the Tuition Centre, I gained a high ‘A’ grade and am now able to take my place at higher institution in Kaduna to read Medicine."

Established in 2006 and registered in Nigeria RC 667262, the SamSCO Tuition Centre (under SamSCO Networks Limited) offers private tuition for all ages in a multitude of subjects from Nursery, Primary and Secondary to higher Degree level.

The tuition centre or SamSCO Academy lessons includes:
  • English Language  {core subject in primary secondary school curriculum}
  • English Literature  {core subject in primary secondary school curriculum}
  • Mathematics         {core subject in primary secondary school curriculum}
  • Basic Science        {core subject in primary secondary school curriculum}
  • Agricultural Science
  • Christian Religious Science (CRS)
  • Civic Education
  • Computer Science
  • Drawing
  • Health Education
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Social Study
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Writing
Yes! You're right. Its a 14 subjects total you have to take at SamSCO Academy.

We have a wealth of experience in teaching and guiding children through their academic years and are pleased to be able to say that the majority of our students come to us through recommendation.

Please recommend Kaduna Nigeria tuition centre on facebook and twitter - thanks!

Now in our first year we are also delighted to be able to say that a number of our former/existing students have chosen to send their own and relations children to us for tutoring.

Putting Learning First

Are you worried about going to huge Primary/Scondary School or mainstream college or Polytechnic or higher education?

Would you and/or your children like more support with your basic skills?

Have you and/or your family just arrived in the Kaduna State or in the country and need to develop your language skills?

Then a booster year at SamSCO Academy Tuition Centre's putting learning first is for you.

Why SamSCO Tuition Centre or Academy School?

SamSCO Tuition Centre (part of SamSCO Academy) is a co-educational Nursery/Primary/Secondary for 3-19 year olds and adults.

We will offer a supportive enviroment with more one-to-one support and personalised learning than is often available at larger institutions such as Secondary school or colleges.

Our tuition centre will bridge the gap between the more structured and supportive environment of school and the independence necessary for success at Secondary/College, University and in employment.

What do we offer?

  • Small classes - Maximum of 12 pupils per tutor
  • Full Assessment - One-to-one academic mentoring and advice on further education and careers.
  • Personalised Learning Plan
  • Safe and friendly environment - Dedicated study area for students.
  • Excellent Results and Feedback
A team of experienced tutors work intensively with each your child with the aim of ensuring that each individual achieves his or her full potential in all the subjects studied.

The team is headed by a qualified teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience in schools.

SamSCO Tuition Centre approach is APT for your child's future.
  • Assess their needs - Each of the SamSCO Tuition Centre’s action assessments are linked to the National Curriculum.

  • Plan to meet targets - The SamSCO Tuition Centre Personalised Learning plan helps our tutors to determine what work the child requires.

  • Teach to achieve success - We have a firm belief in praising a pupil's work - this builds confidence and changes the child’s attitude to learning and studying.

  • To develop Outstanding Leaders.
  • To be the School of Choice within the local community
  • To guide students to achieve exceptional Academic Performance.
  • To Provide students access to high quality Enrichment opportunities.
  • To provide outstanding Learning. Experience for every student.
We have experienced teachers to ensure your child learns in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Tuition Academy School Wear Uniform

The Royal Blue top and Grey down are an official school uniform of SamSCO Academy School and SamSCO Tuition centre.

This, we believed, supplying only the best quality and providing excellent value for money school uniform for our pupils.

All uniform items can be purchased from the official Academy school kit supplier (School wear Solutions). Their address and contact details are below.

Tuition centre teacher

Our tuition centre teacher are fully committed to bringing out the best in everyone, enabling students to achieve academic success so they can reach the cruial common goal -

Progression, whether that is moving to higher level study, gaining a place at Secondary/ College/ polytechnic/ university, or progressing to employment or training.

Support and guidance for learning are exceptional, with students also benefitting from pastoral care and enrichment activities. We look forward to receiving your call.


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